Everything You Need to Know About Watching Super Bowl LVIII; Streaming, Free Options, 4K, More (2024)

NFL Conference Championship Sunday is over, which means just one thing for football fans: it’s Super Bowl time! Super Bowl LVIII will be presented live from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

The Streamable has been covering Super Bowls for seven years and each season, the Big Game’s streaming presence has increased exponentially. That means that we have tons of experience in figuring out the best ways for you to stream the game and everything else around surrounding the biggest event in both sports and entertainment. Over the next two weeks, we will bring you all of the information on how to watch the game any way you want, including on linear TV, with a live TV streaming service, or with Paramount’s subscription video-on-demand service Paramount+.

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Check out our handy guide to all things Super Bowl below!

Which Channel Carries Super Bowl LVIII?

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CBS will be responsible for carrying Super Bowl LVIII in 2024. The game will air on The Eye Network at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 11 with pregame coverage starting early in the day.

Will Super Bowl LVIII Be Live on Paramount+?

Everything You Need to Know About Watching Super Bowl LVIII; Streaming, Free Options, 4K, More (3)

Yes, it will! Both Paramount+ Essential ($5.99 per month) and Paramount+ with SHOWTIME ($11.99 per month) will host a livestream of Super Bowl LVIII. For cord-cutters, this is the cheapest way to stream the big game live without a cable subscription.

As of now, Paramount+ will not offer the 4K broadcast of the Super Bowl, nor will it carry the “SpongeBob” alternate broadcast of the game.

Can You Stream Super Bowl LVIII For Free?

As noted above, both DIRECTV STREAM and Fubo offer free trials of at least one day for watching Super Bowl LVIII.

Paramount+ is also offering a special promotion for new customers. Normally, Paramount+ provides a free trial of just seven days, but customers who subscribe now using promo code PAW30 can get one full month of the streamer free. Any who sign up now with this promo code will be able to stream the Super Bowl at no cost on Paramount+.

What Teams Are Playing in Super Bowl LVIII?

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Super Bowl LVIII will be played between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and the Chiefs finished the regular season 11-6, winning the AFC West but not able to secure the conference’s No. 1 overall seed. Despite this, the team dispatched the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens in succession to reach the Super Bowl for the fourth time in the past five seasons.

The 49ers, led by quarterback Brock Purdy and head coach Kyle Shanahan went 12-5 during the regular season, which was good enough to earn the top overall seed in the NFC. They beat the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions to earn their place in Super Bowl LVIII and are early — if slight — favorites to win it all.

Which Live TV Streaming Services Carry CBS?

Everything You Need to Know About Watching Super Bowl LVIII; Streaming, Free Options, 4K, More (5)

CBS is available with four live TV streaming platforms: DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV.

As with most big, primetime live events, The Streamable recommends watching the Super Bowl on DIRECTV STREAM. It carries CBS in most of the top media markets in the United States and comes with a five-day free trial for all new subscribers.

Fubo also comes with a free trial, though its length varies based on the time of the month. Hulu + Live TV does not offer a trial, but you will get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ at no extra charge when you subscribe. YouTube TV does not offer the same free trial to all new customers, nor does it have free streamers included in its price.

Free TrialFree TrialSign UpFree TrialGet 50% OffSign Up

Will Super Bowl LVIII Be Available to Watch in 4K?

Normally, CBS does not offer any programming in 4K. Even upscaling a standard 1080p broadcast to 4K is a significant technical undertaking with significant costs involved, and thus far CBS has not decided to take on the expense.

But that’s changing for Super Bowl LVIII. In a first for CBS, Super Bowl LVIII will be available to watch on linear TV in Ultra-High-Definition 4K. DIRECTV STREAM offers select 4K events at no extra cost with all plans, while Fubo asks customers to upgrade to the Premier or Elite plans to enjoy that privilege. YouTube TV forces subscribers to pay for the $9.99-per-month 4K Plus add-on to watch 4K streams.

What Other TV Channels Will Offer Super Bowl LVIII?

Everything You Need to Know About Watching Super Bowl LVIII; Streaming, Free Options, 4K, More (6)

For the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, there will be a completely kid-focused broadcast of the game available on a separate channel. Nickelodeon will host a “SpongeBob SquarePants”-themed version of Super Bowl LVIII. Characters like SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy will take their place around the stadium to provide play-by-play announcing and analysis, and of course, each touchdown will be accompanied by plenty of slime. This alternate broadcast will be available exclusively on Nickelodeon.

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What Other Super Bowl LVIII Content is Available For Free?

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Paramount’s free ad-supported streaming service Pluto TV has launched a new “Super Bowl Classics” channel featuring past Super Bowl games as well as series and specials highlighting the history of the big game. The channel first became available on Jan. 18 and will continue to stream until Feb. 21.

In addition, the CBS Sports HQ free ad-supported TV (FAST) channel will host hundreds of hours of Super Bowl-themed content between now and Feb. 11. The channel will offer the “Midday Rundown” show every Monday though Friday from 1 to 2 p.m. ET to keep fans apprised of the latest Super Bowl news. “Sportsline” will provide daily betting line updates from 6 to 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, as well as 8 to 9 p.m. on Friday night, and 7 to 9 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Will Brinson, John Breech, and Ryan Wilson present the “Pick Six NFL Podcast” on the channel Tuesdays through Thursdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET for all the Super Bowl storylines fans will need. In addition to Pluto TV, CBS Sports HQ is available on Amazon News, The Roku Channel, Samsung TV Plus and Xumo Play.

Super Bowl LVIII will NOT stream live on Pluto TV or any other free ad-supported streaming service.

Get 30 Days Free


Paramount Plus

Paramount+ is a subscription video streaming service that includes on-demand access to 40,000+ TV show episodes from BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and more. The lineup includes “1883,” “Tulsa King,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants,” and “PAW Patrol.” Subscribers can watch the NFL, college football, The Masters, college basketball, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa, Serie A, and NWSL. The service also offers the option to watch your live CBS affiliate. The upgraded ad-free package includes premium movies and shows from Showtime.

Subscribers can choose between the Essential Plan (which includes ads) for $5.99/month, or go commercial-free and add more movies with Paramount+ with SHOWTIME for $11.99/month.

Subscribers to the more expensive plan will also get access to your local CBS affiliate to stream your local news, prime-time lineup, and late-night. You will also be able to download offline and watch select shows in 4K.

With the lower-cost “Essential” plan, you will still be able to watch live NFL games, Champions League, and national news – but you will no longer get your local CBS affiliate.

With their new app, enjoy advanced recommendations, curated homepages, and new content categories while still being able to stream major live sports like NFL, College Football, College Basketball. Sports fans will also appreciate the service’s inclusion of NFL on CBS, PGA Tour, along with every match of UEFA Champions League and Serie A.

The service was previously called CBS All Access.

Get 30 Days Free

$5.99+ / month


For a Limited Time, Get a Month of Paramount+ With Code: LODGE24.

Everything You Need to Know About Watching Super Bowl LVIII; Streaming, Free Options, 4K, More (2024)


Is the Super Bowl streaming in 4K? ›

In what will be a first for the Super Bowl, CBS Sports will have the big game available in 1080p High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 4K HDR. The 4K HDR feed will be supplied to various MVPDs (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor) and vMVPDs (Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor).

Is Super Bowl in 4K spectrum? ›

Good news is that Super Bowl will be in 4K on many providers minus Paramount+ and Spectrum, but bad news is that it's an upscaled feed.

What are the options for streaming Super Bowl? ›

CBS will air Super Bowl LVIII. Paramount+ is the streaming home to 2024 Super Bowl. In addition to Paramount+, you can catch Super Bowl 2024 on Fubo and Hulu + Live TV, both of which carry the CBS Super Bowl LVIII live feed. If you want to watch on your phone or tablet, NFL+ will have the Super Bowl.

Can I watch 4K on streaming? ›

What Is 4K Streaming on a TV? When streaming videos in 4K, consumers should make sure they're using a compatible service. On-demand services such as Disney+, Hulu, HBOMax, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu all offer 4K content to consumers with the right equipment.

Will Super Bowl be on Paramount Plus in 4K? ›

For viewers using an over-the-air antenna, the game will not be carried in 4K. Also, those streaming the game on Paramount Plus will have to settle for 1080p. Instead, CBS said that it would make the 4K feed available to select Multichannel Video Programming Distributors.

What is the highest quality stream for the Super Bowl? ›

Super Bowl 2024 4K HDR live stream

The only streaming service we know for sure that will get the 4K feed is CBS's own Paramount Plus. However, in order to get the Super Bowl in 4K – and Usher's Halftime show – on Paramount Plus, you'll need to subscribe to the top-tier Paramount+ with Showtime plan.

What is the cheapest way to stream the Super Bowl? ›

Paramount Plus

One of America's least-popular major streaming sites is the official spot to stream the Super Bowl. Paramount Plus costs $5.99 a month or $11.99 for a version with extras and limited commercials. Both options will have the game, halftime show and the major commercials.

What is the cheapest Super Bowl streaming service? ›

Paramount+ offers the cheapest way to stream both games with its $5.99 per month or $59.99 a year Paramount+ Essential plan. On top of that, you can get a free month of the service if you sign up for either of its plans by entering the promo code "Superbowl" at checkout.

Is Paramount Plus free in the Super Bowl? ›

Mixing live news and sports with original TV shows and recently released movies, Paramount Plus is a strong option for cord-cutters. New members can sign up for a 7-day trial to watch Super Bowl 2024 for free.

What is 4K streaming? ›

4K is the current and prevalent tech to enjoy online videos in stunning high-quality and lifelike visual experience. Compared to standard FHD resolution (1920 x 1080), it offers four times the resolution which is 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Will Hulu broadcast the Super Bowl in 4K? ›

While you can watch many Hulu shows, such as Only Murders in the Building, Kindred, and Reboot, in 4K, live TV shows, including the Super Bowl, aren't available in 4K.

How to watch Super Bowl in 4K Xfinity? ›

Simply say “4K” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to get started. For information about 4K programming on Xfinity, including 4K-compatible equipment, see 4K Ultra HD (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) on Xfinity TV. Please let us know if you have any questions in getting ready for game day.

How to watch Super Bowl in 4K on Apple TV? ›

On an Apple TV 4K, you can download either the CBS or Paramount+ app, sign in, and be ready on game day. Additionally, if you have a set of HomePod speakers paired in stereo, you'll get a Spatial Audio playback for the game and the halftime show.

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