Skyward Draft 3.0 is done + Kickstarter Update (2024)

Skyward Draft 3.0 is done + Kickstarter Update

Hey, Brandon here. I want to start a new thing on my YouTube channel, which is periodically giving you updates on the books I’m writing. This should happen every other week, sometimes every week. We’ll call it the Weekly Update. It may not actually be every week.

But weekly update for this week. I am working still on Skyward 3. I have finished the 3.0. We have gone through the entire beta read and I’ve digested beta reader comments and I’m jumping into the 4.0. This one is getting a big revision to the beginning of the book. I had, in the 3.0, really focused on the last two-thirds of the book, and I really made some changes there that were really strong. But I had not yet quite decided what I wanted to do with the first third of the book. And beta readers highlighted a bunch of stuff that I was pretty sure was still a problem, and indeed, it is a problem. And so I’m doing kind of some big shakeups to the opening of the book. It’s looking really good. I actually just finished the first third, and now I have to go into the second two thirds, which should be a less difficult revision because there should just be minor tweaks to that. When that’s done, I will start the 5.0 immediately, which is the final polish and turn in.

The book is not going to be called Nowhere, I’m pretty sure. I’ve tried to push my publisher and they’re just like, “We don’t like that title.” And it’s OK. I let them, in the YA space, really talk about titles and choose titles. So who knows what it’ll be? A fourth book is probably going to be called Defiant. That’s where we’re kind of moving for the fourth book. Third book, no idea yet. I will keep you updated on that. Once I’ve finished the 5.0, I will hand it off to Peter and Karen and the team, really Peter at that point, and I will start on Wax and Wayne 4, which will be my next project. A lot of people are excited when they hear about that.

Other small updates. Kickstarter, if you ordered a 2021 leather bound, those are being sewn right now, which means they’re on the next to last step. They have to all be sewn, and then they have to get their foil leaf, and then the bindery will start shipping them out. So we’re getting very close. Not sure yet. If you ordered swag, we’re also getting very close on that. We’ve gotten in most of the swag. We’re waiting on three things. We’re waiting on the coins, which are almost done. We are waiting on the printing of Way of Kings Prime, which is also almost done. They have sent us the proofs on that and they’re looking really good. And we’re waiting on the cards, the playing cards. Those will take a little longer. So we’ll keep you up to date on those. Our goal is to get this all to you by the end of July, so by the end of the Kickstarter one-year point you will have it all. But we can’t tell how things are going to go shipping-wise because COVID has messed up a whole bunch of that.

So either way, thank you, guys, so much for reading. Skyward 3 is still scheduled for November of this year. That’ll be my next big launch. We should have novellas in the Skyward universe coming out just before that. So watch for those. The first one of those just got its first draft done. I’m co-authoring those with Janci, a good friend of mine and an excellent writer. I’ll keep you up to date as things start coming out. Thank you all so much for your interest.

March 8, 2021

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Skyward Draft 3.0 is done + Kickstarter Update (2024)
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