The 13 Best Places for Porterhouse in Miami Beach (2024)

1.Red the Steakhouse


119 Washington Ave (1st Street), Miami Beach, FL

Steakhouse · South Point · 69 tips and reviews

Stephan Taylor:Porterhouse. Pineapple margarita

Michael McDonald:Porterhouse steak is my favorite.

Darrell W.:The ribeye was simply amazing with the potatoes Au gratin and green beans! Sides are family style so you don't need your own, and ask for Chris Carr as your server great service.

2.Meat Market


915 Lincoln Rd (Jefferson & Lincoln), Miami Beach, FL

Steakhouse · City Center · 138 tips and reviews

Randy Morales:Porterhouse is a must-share!

Carlos Lopez:The food and the service are excellent! Totally worth the $. Try the porterhouse (they cook it to perfection). The lobster mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts are delicious!

evan:The horseradish sauce is amazing. Ask to truffle the lobster mac and cheese, and it becomes one of the best dishes ever.

3.Barton G. The Restaurant


1427 West Ave (14th Court), Miami Beach, FL

American Restaurant · Flamingo-Lummus · 100 tips and reviews

Cynthia Deferrari:I had such a wonderful time for my birthday here. The presentations are so worth going for! The food was just as amazing! I had the porterhouse for two! I also ordered a sin-sation martini! 🍸👌

Carm P:Mirror drinks are amzingly good! 2 potato Salmon is incredible. Presentation is fantastic. Super romantic.

Thrillist:If you're looking to really pig out, try "Boarnie" Madoff's Bucket of Bones, a mix of beef & pork ribs, lamb chops, Apple BBQ chicken, and a caged/cuffed hog. Read more.

4.Prime One Twelve


112 Ocean Dr (1st Street), Miami Beach, FL

Steakhouse · South Point · 233 tips and reviews

Fabien Accariès:Porterhouse for 2 that serves 3/4! Perfect with Crispy Onion Rings

Miami New Times:Amazing food - try the truffle mac n cheese and of course, the steak. But make reservations ahead of time. Wait time is long.

Eater:Prime is the city's most star-studded, slam-packed steakhouse. Some say there are better steaks to be had in town, but the place is perpetually packed for a reason. [Eater 38 Member] Read more.

5.STK Steakhouse


2305 Collins Ave (Collins), Miami Beach, FL

Steakhouse · City Center · 16 tips and reviews

Sabrina Forbes:You can't go wrong here. I've had quite a variety from the menu and everything was delicious! Short ribs, corn pudding, tuna tartar and grouper my faves!

Mitchell R:The food was excellent. 32 oz. steak! But, it is like eating in a discotheque. The music was blaring loud. Not the atmosphere I was expecting and not one that Ilked

Papa S:Good meats and great grilled octopus and drinks


1440 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL

Steakhouse · City Center · 10 tips and reviews

Ahmed Nashar:Elegant place, charming staff and great food. I highly recommend the Yellow Tail & Jalapeño and the Coconut-Macadamia Shrimp. Wait theCoconut-Macadamia Shrimp is super good. 😋

Burcu Yuruyen:Lobster salad was delicious👍🏻 finish the meal with ananas sorbe 😇💕

Bikash Mishra:Excellent food in a classy joint near the beach. The steaks were cooked just right, fish was fresh and the sides were outstanding! Try the mushroom (wood hen?) - so good!!

7.Quality Meats Restaurant


1501 Collins Ave (ne corner of collins and 15 street), Miami Beach, FL

New American Restaurant · City Center · 19 tips and reviews

Philip Rijkers:Porterhouse is the cut to go for

Thelocaltripper:Went for Miami spice, food was good. Service excellent! I had the babette steak black and blue, flavor was great! Marshmallow ice cream so delicious! Must try!

Alain:Food was OK, service very friendly. But... $25 for a potato mash with a few drops of truffle oil is a ripoff (daily special recommended by the waiter, no price indicated) 🤬

8.Baires Grill

1116 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL

Argentinian Restaurant · City Center · 74 tips and reviews

Susan Territo:Porterhouse steak special comes w/mixed green salad & a side. It was delish.

Laura Bos:The filet mignon with blue cheese was delicious. Great service but a little pricey. Somehow all wine was 50% off when we were here! I recommend the El Enemigo Malbec. Will definitely be back.

LaVaHaBa:Diego is by far the best server in all of Miami. Eat here and love it.

9.The Forge


432 W 41st St, Miami Beach, FL

American Restaurant · 72 tips and reviews

Eater:Highlights of chef Dewey LoSasso's offbeat menu include a burger with short ribs and lobster marmalade, lamb ribs, shrimp waffles and fluffernutters. [Eater 38 Member] Read more. steak -

Cindy Seip:The newly renovated Forge is still as fabulous as it was! Service was exceptional and the WineBar... well you just have to check it out for yourself! *;-)

10.The Villa


1116 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL

Hotel · Flamingo-Lummus · 35 tips and reviews chef at the villa at Barton g is one of the few true artists in the district, amazing cuisine! Try his key lime pie dessert

The Leading Hotels of the World:Once Gianni Versace's home,The Villa By Barton G. is undeniably glamarous. Did you know this property is the 2nd most photographed home in the U.S?? :) Read more.

Lusi Y:my dream home


1 Washington Ave (at South Pointe Park Walk), Miami Beach, FL

Steakhouse · South Point · 226 tips and reviews

Allan Kleer:For a great meal (cheap) ask for the burger anytime of day. It's not on the menu. They give you real sirloin meat and basket of fries + side salad all for under $16 per person w/tip included!

Bravo:The sea food tower, the steaks, the garlic bread!!! But the best of all is the location; unbeatable for Happy Hour and Sunday afternoon, when all the cruise ships pass by! -Sorah Daiha, Miami Social

Suzanne Salas:Outside bar is phenomenal

The 13 Best Places for Porterhouse in Miami Beach (2024)
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